Fresh Squeezed: Sicilian Blood Oranges

A glimpse at how we start the day during citrus season! Cratefuls of bright oranges from Sicily arrive daily at the local markets in Italy and cost about 3,50 Euro for an overflowing box over 7 kilos (14 lbs)! My homage to the best part of waking up in the winter –

orange juice

orange juice-2

orange juice screenshot 2


9 thoughts on “Fresh Squeezed: Sicilian Blood Oranges

  1. Incredible. I’m such a fan of blood oranges that I had blood orange buttercream in my wedding cake. When I was living in Italy I used to eat the best Sicilian oranges. Must be nice to have access to such great fruit. Cool post!


  2. Great photos, I can almost taste the juice! I live in New Cairo Egypt and regularly visit London where I make sure to buy pots of San Giuliano marmalade made using Sicilian citrus fruits – to bring back to Egypt where citrus fruits grow in abundance! I am also a regular visitor to Italy and love everything (well, almost everything) about the country.


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